Hello, I’m Alex Keda: designer focused on interfaces, user experience and game dev. Currently based in Minsk and crafting pixels at Wargaming - previously at Yandex.

About me

My name is Alexei Keda and I'm a digital designer and indie games creator from Minsk, Belarus. I have an eye for detail and a passion for what I do. I liked drawing since my childhood, so I have started my career as a self-taught illustrator. I got a degree in computer science In 2010 and begun a freelance business.

Past 6 years I have specialized in creating pixel-perfect interfaces. In 2011 started working at Yandex LLC in Moscow, Russia in a position of the mobile interface designer. In 2014 I have moved to Minsk and continued working at Yandex as a product designer. My passion for video games has been turned into a career and I joined Wargaming as part of World of Tanks team in 2015. Right now I am focusing on designing digital products with the better user experience for the web and mobile applications across different platforms and multiple resolutions.  

In my spare time, I like reading books, listening to music, playing ukulele, traveling around globe and fishing with my dad. Also, I enjoy amateur astronomy, photography, game development and riding my mountain bike.  


Wargaming.net (Nov. 2015 - Present) - Senior Visual Designer / UX
As a part of World of Tanks team, I was closely dedicated to portal redesign, promo-websites, game features and other stuff. Visual consistency, narration, user experience and monetization were my main goals.
Yandex (July 2014 - Oct. 2015) - Product Designer
I was involved to "Toloka" project as a product designer. With a small and talented team, we have developed a superb crowdsourcing service connecting requesters and performers.
Yandex (Nov. 2011 - Apr.2014) - UI / UX Designer
During my Yandex career I've had the privilege of working on different services like Browser (#1 in Russia and CIS countries), Disk (cloud storage), MailMaps, Navi, Parkings, Metro and others. My mission was to design simple and comprehensive UI on different platforms and provide the best user experience on multiple devices.

My services

  • Product UI
  • Product UX
  • Web Design
  • System
  • Wireframes
  • Prototyping
  • Microsites
  • Landing Pages
  • Guidelines
  • Identity
  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Concepting
  • Game Design
  • Motion
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