Hello, I’m Alex Keda: designer focused on interfaces, user experience and game dev. Currently based in Minsk and crafting pixels at Wargaming - previously at Yandex.

About me

My name is Alexei Keda and I'm an interface designer and internet entrepreneur from Minsk, Belarus. I have an eye for detail and a passion for what I do. Right now I am focusing on designing digital products with better user experience for web and mobile applications across different platforms and multiple resolutions.


I provide a range of services that are unique to each client's needs and each project. My approach is centered around aesthetic & user-centered design, functionality and structure. I'm proficient in interaction design, product strategy, website design, mobile design. I’m open to work with passionate people on ambitious projects.


I like drawing since my childhood, so I have started my career as self-taught illustrator. I got a degree in computer science In 2010 and begun a freelance business. Past 6 years I specialized in creating pixel-perfect mobile interfaces at Yandex LLC in Moscow. In 2015 I have moved to Minsk and started working at Wargaming.


As designer I often use Adobe CC, but Sketch App is my main instrument. For prototyping interactions & animations I mostly use Principle, After Effects and Webflow. Sublime Text is the best for writing code. The websites I own and/or maintain are hosted on AWS and I push changes/updates using Git hooks.
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